logo_smog-check_120x120California STAR Certified Smog Inspection and Repair Station. All prices are for gas, hybrid, and diesel vehicles. A pre smog is recommended only if you haven’t purchased yet or if you are thinking of selling the vehicle in need of a smog, to see if it is worth it. Here at TJ’s we do smog a little differently than our local competition. Can diagnose and repair any vehicle that fails smog test.  If your vehicle does not pass its smog inspection and you have all of the diagnostics and repair work done here at TJ’s, we will not charge you for any other smog inspections. That means you just pay one time for the smog no matter how many times it needs to be run. This can save you a lot of money because you don’t have to pay for a pre smog, then a failed smog , then a passing smog. PAY FOR JUST ONE SMOG!!   Can smog government and business fleet vehicles that do not require a certificate.

Currently we require an appointment, please call (760) 258-1342.


Smog Inspection Cost PASS FAIL
SMOG 2000 and newer vehicles (with OBDII) $73.25 $65.00
SMOG 1996-1999 vehicles $83.25 $75.00
SMOG 1976-1995 vehicles $93.25 $85.00
SMOG motorhomes $128.25 $120.00
SMOG motorhomes 1995 and older $208.25 $200.00
PRE-SMOG 2000 and newer vehicles (with OBDII) $25.00 $25.00
PRE-SMOG 1996-1999 vehicles $75.00 $75.00
PRE-SMOG 1976-1999 vehicles $75.00 $75.00
PRE-SMOG motorhomes $120.00 $120.00
PRE-SMOG motorhomes 1995 and older $200.00 $200.00



Auto Repair

We can take a look under the hood

We do basic and major auto repair on all domestic and Asian vehicles. Sorry, we do not work on VW, BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover, Volvo, etc. Also do not do alignments or tires. Pride ourselves on the best oil change for the money (not the cheapest). We perform a complete and thorough inspection of all major vehicle systems (please see oil change sheet) and provide a detailed report of our findings with estimates for all work needing to be done.

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Repair all vehicle systems including engine, transmission, differentials, transfer cases, drive lines, brakes, steering, suspension, air conditioning, heating, etc. We provide proper full detailed estimates for all repairs and have one of the lowest rates in the area.

We also do pre-purchase inspections which include everything we check during an oil change plus checking tune up, battery, starting and charging system.

Advanced Diagnostics

We can fine-tune your car

We have advanced diagnostic equipment and knowledge to diagnose and repair any problem.

  • “CHECK ENGINE” lights
  • Drivability and intermittent electrical issues.
  • Starting and charging system issues
  • Overheating issues
  • Rich air/fuel mixture issues
  • Pinpoint leaks
  • Diagnose hard to find sounds and noises
  • Find internal engine faults

Any electrical circuit issues in all systems:

  • Power doors and windows
  • Instrument cluster and dash lights
  • All exterior and interior lighting
  • Computerized and manual cruise control
  • HVAC systems
  • Stereo and all accessory equipment
  • …and more!  Just ask.

Whether its the amazing symmetrical all wheel drive or the eccentric boxer engine, Subaru is Teri Jo’s second language. With many years of experience maintaining and repairing the many Subarus in the area, she has got the know how to keep your beloved “subie” on the road. If your Subaru needs some attention, this is the place!


Can perform complete timing belt replacements which include all idlers, tensioner, water pump, thermostat, and Subaru cooling system additive. It is important all of these components are replaced every 90K-150K miles to avoid catastrophic engine damage. Can perform proper head gasket repairs and advise how to keep the dreadful Subaru headgasket issue from happening to you.