teri_undercar_wrench_400x267Teri Jo Felkel, owner, automotive repair technician, and smog technician, was born and raised in Bishop. One of her favorite classes in high school was auto shop, and she took the class all four years. During this time she rebuilt a 1968 vw squareback engine and was able to have her first car running by the time she graduated in 2000. On a roll (pun intended), she also took an intense basic automotive training course from Wyoming Technical Institute in Laramie Wyoming and graduated with a diploma in automotive technology.

She returned to her home town and continued her career path as an automotive technician in Mammoth Lakes. Mammoth lakes- aka the Subaru capitol of California, was where she gained 10+ years of experience repairing a LOT of Subarus, as well as many other makes and models. It was always Teri’s dream to run her own repair shop, but she felt she needed to update and expand her training in the field. She went back to Wyo tech (this time to the Sacramento campus) and took an Advanced Diagnostics course that would get her a SMOG license. Teri excelled in this class- graduating at the top of her class with honors and receiving an ‘outstanding student award’. Packed with knowledge she was able to again think of her dream and with the unconditional support of her family and now husband her dream came true.

TJ’s Firing Line opened on April 1st 2013 at a space she rented on hwy 395. The shop has since moved and now is happily settled in the same building as Marsh’s automotive. TJ’s has been an absolute success, earning more and more respect and praise as time goes on. Please feel free to read on to see all of TJ’s achievements and accolades as a female mechanic in a small town and to meet the rest of the crew at the firing line.

PS You are probably wondering just why TJ’s shop is called the “firing line”- here it is. The Firing line is an automotive diagnostic term referring to the voltage it takes to jump the spark plug gap as displayed on scope, used for diagnosis many engine conditions and faults.

Teri Jo with many of her certifications:


Below are the individual certifications (click on image to see larger size).









Meet the Staff

Teri jo– owner, automotive repair technician, smog technician.

Bob– Service writer, lube tech, entertainment, brute force and helping hand and husband.